Waste Water Design

We provide 'Waste Water Designs'  for onsite waste water treatment and disposal for residential homes without a connection to the mains sewer. 


We undertake these investigations for all types onsite waste water treatment systems and disposal methods.

Treatment Systems Include;

  • Holding Tanks

  • Composting Toilets

  • Grey Water Septic Tanks

  • Grey Water Diversion systems

  • Black Water Septic Tanks

  • All Waste Septic Tanks

  • Home Sewerage Treatment Plants (HSTP) 

Waste Water Disposal Methods Include;

  • Trenches

  • Beds

  • Evapo-Transpiration Absorption Beds (ETA Beds)

  • Mounds

  • Surface Irrigation

  • Covered Surface Irrigation

  • Sub-Surface Irrigation

Investigations include constant head permeability testing (sometimes known as percolation testing) to determine the soil types.

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Sand and Gravel Filter Bed
Bathroom Toilet